Wedding Planning Details You Don’t Want to Forget

Weddings are one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life. However, with so much to plan and coordinate, it’s easy to forget some of the most important details. What is meant to be meaningful can quickly become stressful when you forget the small but essential information. In this blog, we’ll go through a…

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How Wedding Planning Is So Much More Than Managing the Day

Modern, romantic, wedding day details

Contrary to popular belief, professional wedding planning (and event coordination) is about so much more than managing the wedding day. Vetting vendors. Creating checklists. Overlooking contracts. Making timelines. Designing floor plans – there are so many things to do. And to do it all well, you need aprofessional planner at the helm. Your planner or…

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Leave Your Guests Wanting More: How to Create the Perfect Wedding Weekend

Just imagine your perfect wedding day: Sipping bubbly while getting ready with your closest friends. Saying “I do” to the love ofyour life. And partying with your people on the dance floor to the sounds of an”enthusiastic band. Sounds sublime, right?! As a wedding planner, I strive to help you create a celebration that brings…

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A Hidden Oasis Wedding at Valentine DTLA Inspired by the Bride’s Handbag

Michelle and Brandon were married in an intimate ceremony on June 12, 2022. Better known as Loving Day, June 12th is the anniversary of the historic court decision supporting interracial marriage. Michelle and Brandon chose this date as a way to not only celebrate their unwavering love for each other, but to also pay homage…

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5 Top Reasons YOU Need a Wedding Planner Now More Than Ever

Bride and Groom posing for a photo in the San Antonio Botanical Gardens desert exhibit

A proposal is a pivotal moment in life. Not only because they’re exciting (especially if you’ve been anticipating one for a while), but because you’re saying yes to a lifelong commitment to your favorite person. You’re also making a massive commitment to something else – wedding planning. Assuming you want a more traditional event (versus…

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