How Wedding Planning Is So Much More Than Managing the Day

Contrary to popular belief, professional wedding planning (and event coordination) is
about so much more than managing the wedding day.

Vetting vendors. Creating checklists. Overlooking contracts. Making timelines. Designing floor plans – there are so many things to do. And to do it all well, you need a
professional planner at the helm.

Your planner or coordinator is like your wedding’s project manager. And as your project
manager, I do so much more than set up escort cards and line up your wedding party
for the ceremony processional. I also help you create a cohesive vision and game plan
that ensures everything will run smoothly day-of.

From recommending vendors to handling any unwelcome surprises, here’s how I’ll help
you along your planning journey to help you reach your final destination. An enjoyable
wedding day.

Budget Tracking

The road to marriage is often a long one, with multiple twists and turns. So to ensure,
you stay in the right lane, my wedding planning process starts with understanding what
you need help with and what you want to experience during the planning process and
on the day.

Knowing your needs and wants helps me create an accurate proposal of services. And
for full-service clients, also allows me to create a detailed budget of your overall
wedding (or for partial or event management clients who add on this extra bit of help.)

Constructing your budget is some of the most important work we’ll do together, as it
paves the way for the rest of our trip to the alter. By working from the ground up, we’ll
create a breakdown by category to get a clear picture of the individual and overall costs.
From there, I’ll vet and provide vendor recommendations that best complement your
priorities, style, and budget.

Industry Knowledge

A big benefit of being a wedding planner is having direct connections with vendors and
venues. But it’s also about having experience with contracts, logistics, budgeting, guest
lists, seating charts, service flow, and dealing with any unexpected issues that may
arise (before or on the wedding day.)

And although you may have some knowledge and connections (or a lot), the important
question is, do you have the time?

Do you have time to reach out to these vendors and ask them the right questions? Do
you have time to read over the contracts? Do you have time to keep in touch with
everyone throughout the months leading up to your wedding day?

Let me save you time, and a possible headache or two, by using the knowledge and
experience I’ve gained since 2015. With this knowledge, I’ll connect you with the right
creative partners. I’ll ensure your contracts are reasonable and fair (before signing.) And
because things happen, I’ll know who to call last-minute if a groomsman forgets his
pocket square or the caterer shorts us on plates, without you ever knowing there was
a problem in the first place.

Remember: My job is to handle the wedding planning logistics and behind-the-scenes processes.
Your job is to focus on the fun parts of being engaged.

Wedding Planner straightening silverware on the Head Table

Plan Development

No wedding day can be truly successful without a plan in place. So, first things first, I’ll
develop a stress-less plan based on your wants, needs, and vision that takes you
through every step of the planning process. This way, you can relax knowing the
foundation of your event is solid. And that every detail, even the ones you wouldn’t
know to think about, has been thoroughly thought-through.

We’ll work on the logistics together, like creating your timeline. I’ll ensure we include all
of the important components. And that we have adequate time for each event so that
you aren’t rushed from one thing to another. Or worse, can’t get to at all because the
timeline was insufficiently made.

Whether you’re a full-service, partial, or event management client, you’ll receive ALL of
the essential tools and resources you need for a smooth and seamless wedding day.
Including, but not limited to, planning meetings, vendor referrals, and timeline creation.

Throughout this process, I’m here to take the burden off you two so you can enjoy being
engaged. And, ultimately, feel like a guest at your own wedding.

Newlyweds dancing, smiling, and laughing on their wedding day

Vision Creation

Some couples hire planners for their specific style. But my couples hire me because I’m
all about making their wedding-day vision a reality.

How I see it, it’s your day, your way.

During the wedding planning process, I’m not going to belittle your ideas by telling you to change
your color palette, rethink your invitation design or alter some other aspect of your
vision because it doesn’t fit with what’s in my head.

Your wedding should always reflect you. Not your mom. Not your best friend. And
especially not your planner.

To make sure it’s your vision you see when walking into your reception, I’ll listen to your
ideas, comb through your Pinterest boards, and recommend the right vendors to bring it
to life. And if you want it, I’ll suggest ways you can further create a meaningful and
cohesively-designed wedding.

Client's reaction to wedding planning result

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