Wedding Planning Details You Don’t Want to Forget

Weddings are one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life.
However, with so much to plan and coordinate, it’s easy to forget some
of the most important details.

What is meant to be meaningful can quickly become stressful when you
forget the small but essential information.

In this blog, we’ll go through a list of wedding details that are often overlooked
but should not be forgotten – especially if you want your celebration to
go off without a hitch.

Pre-Wedding Details

Take Time for Each Other

First things first, ask yourself, “Are you taking time for each other and
nurturing your relationship while planning?”. I also touched on this in
4 Things To Do (and not do) After You Get Engaged because it’s such
an important detail – and all too easy to overlook when you’re swept
off your feet by wedding planning excitement.

Yes, your wedding is a celebration of your marriage. However, on the
other side of your wedding day, you want a relationship that is still intact.
So make sure you’re taking time for each other and doing things to nurture
the relationship outside of event planning. Because once your wedding is
over, you’ll still want to enjoy each other’s company!

Handle a Few Essential Tasks

Even if you have a full-service planner, there are some decisions that
only you can make. For example, you’ll need to sort out your guest list,
figure out your menu selections, and decide on various start times.

Once you have these details nailed down, share them with your planner.
With this information, we can guide you in the right direction and help
you make decisions that allow your vision to flourish.

Flesh Out Your Wedding Website

Create a wedding website that goes beyond the bare-bones information.
Sure, you can and should post the basic info, but your website is the perfect
place to include all of the fun and interesting things you can’t fit onto an
invitation. Share your love story, post photos of your wedding party, and
write about how each person came into your life.

Wedding planning details to remember - creating your wedding webiste

Consider the Logistics

Remember, things don’t just happen at weddings. The people standing
beside you at the altar won’t just appear in formation at a specific time.
How do they get to the altar? Where will they stand?

If you are providing your own alcohol, who will deliver it and take the
unopened bottles away at the end of the night?

If you invite kids to the wedding, who will watch them? Will there be a
babysitting service or do you need to let parents know they are their

Are you taking photos before your ceremony? If so, will you need your
bouquet delivered to your getting-ready location? There’s a misconception
that the florist will deliver to several locations, for example your getting
ready location and your venue. But in reality, they’ll go directly to your
venue unless an additional transfer has been agreed upon and paid for
in advance. It’s advantageous to be mindful of this when planning any
pre – ceremony photos.

It’s these little things couples don’t usually think about on their own and
why it helps to have a wedding planner. We unearth all the details and take
care of them.

Wedding planner adjusting tabletop decor

Designate a Decision Maker

I always give my couples the task of making someone a go-to person
on their wedding day. This person’s role is to make decisions that I
can’t make in the moment (i.e., financial decisions).

The perfect person is 1. Someone you trust implicitly and 2. Someone
who won’t bother you with anything I’ve requested of them on your
wedding day. They can tell you the next day, but the whole purpose of
having this person is so you can enjoy your day and not worry about
what is happening behind the scenes.

Set Up Guest Transport

Consider booking transportation for your guests, especially if the venue
is isolated. But even if it’s not, reliable transit is nice to have, so guests can
easily get from point A to point B. And after partying a little too hard all
evening, having a ride home can make all the difference.

Pay Vendors

I recommend paying the majority of your vendors 30 days out. That way,
you have one less thing to think about as you enter the final weeks before
your wedding day.

If you plan on tipping any of your vendors, be sure to put the vendor’s
profession on the front of their sealed envelope. Why? Because you may
get into a situation where two people have the same first name. And, as
a result, the wrong person may get an envelope intended for another vendor.

For the Ceremony

Don’t Underestimate the Music

When it comes to your big-day music, it’s important to think about more
than what you want to hear on the dance floor. There are a number of formal
songs that have to be incorporated and that you need to think about as
you plan. How many songs do you need in total, and which versions do
you need? During the processional, is everyone walking to the same song?
Work with your entertainment professionals to make sure you’ve planned
for it all.

Guests standing on the dance floor wearing hats, wigs, light up sunglasses and flower crowns.

Sign, Seal, and Deliver the Official Document

Consider who is responsible for the most crucial document of the
event. Who will take the marriage license after the ceremony? Is the
officiant mailing it off? Will I take it and put it with your personal
things? Ensure you know where this official piece of paper is going
before your wedding day even begins.

For the Reception

What’s Your Name?

When you make your grand entrance as newlyweds, what names do
you want to hear? Are you changing your name? If not, are we using
both of your last names? Do you have a title we need to consider? Do
you want it to be less formal and use your first names? It all comes
down to the words you want to hear when you walk into your wedding

Newlyweds entering their reception as guests cheer and raise a glass to their happiness

Collect Personal Items

All your personal items need a safe place to go at the end of the night.
Therefore, you’ll need to designate someone to transport things like
signage, photos, leftover alcohol, the card box, etc., back to your house
or hotel. As your wedding planner, I will gladly pack those things and
have them ready at the end of the night. But let your transporter know
beforehand so they prepare enough space for the items and know where
to deliver them.

Make 1-on-1 Memories

Build time into your wedding day to connect as a couple and create
memories. I call this “the selfish thing that I ask for” of my clients. I
want to look over and see you having a private moment. I want to see
you dancing to your Must Play List songs with your family and friends.

Having these moments is so important, even right after the ceremony.
I won’t let the wedding party swarm you with their congratulations. I’ll
give you a few minutes to take it in and absorb the fact that you’re married.
Because the last thing I want is for you to wake up the next morning and
feel like everything was a blur.

Between all the logistical concerns and big day decisions you have to
make, it’s normal to forget (or not even think about) the small but important
details. But hiring a wedding planner who does this daily can make a
rocky road smooth. With my help, I’ll clear out the obstacles, handle the
to-do lists, and ensure not even a pebble falls through the cracks.

If you’re ready to make that happen, contact me!

Newlyweds popping a bottle of champagne while cruising down the San Antonio Riverwalk on a river barge

If you’re ready to share yourself and your love story with me, let’s chat!