TRTM Journey: What To Expect

When you think of what a wedding planner does, what do you expect or think of?

Maybe it’s someone who recommends vendors or helps you pick out stationery.
Someone who runs your ceremony procession. Or who fluffs your train or straightens
your bow tie as you take portraits.

If so, then you’re right!

And while it’s true that as a wedding planner I consider myself a Jill of all trades (I
can tie a bow tie and create a boutonniere from extra flowers!), what I don’t think of
myself as is an all-encompassing kind of wedding planner.

In fact, most wedding planners aren’t.

What I mean by this is that my job is to ensure all of the plans we’ve made together
– whether you’re a full-service or event management couple – come to fruition. And
to manage your vendors by making sure they’re arriving on time, sticking to the
timeline during setup, and making your vision a reality as they do what they do

(But make no mistake! If the time comes for me to roll up my sleeves, I won’t

I have a specific skill set and can help you in ways other planners can’t. And when
you hire me, there are certain services you can expect (or not expect) to receive.

In this post, I’ll talk to you about The Road to Marriage client journey so that you’re
prepped every step of the way.

Who I Am

  1. I run a tight ship
    Meaning, you’ll never have to question what comes next or when we’ll get to XYZ
    during the planning process. And on wedding day, you’ll never have to wonder or
    ask, “What is she doing” or “Where are we supposed to be right now?” Instead, it’s
    more like, “Why is she doing that?” as I sweep up a fallen drink on the dance floor.
  2. I’m straightforward
    I look out for your best interest, but will also be transparent and honest with you so
    that you can make informed decisions. And I’ll always make sure everyone involved,
    including your vendors, have the tools they need to succeed.
  3. I take charge
    Given your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, there are certain moments you
    AND your parents won’t want to miss. For example, cake cutting, your first dance,
    and speeches. So, to ensure no one misses these moments, I make sure VIPs are in the
    room(instead of chatting with guests in the foyer.) If we need to stall for a moment, I’ll
    tell the band or DJ to play one more song until you’re ready. And when it comes
    time to cut the cake, I make sure your champagne flutes are filled, and there are
    forks, napkins, and plates on the cake table so you’re prepped and ready to go. And
    should your more lively guests need some corralling for the formal exit at the
    end of the night, I’ve got that covered too ;).
  4. I want you to be a guest at your own wedding
    Wedding planning is not your job, and I don’t want you to ever feel like it is. Instead,
    I want you to focus on the fun parts while I handle the functional logistics. I also want
    you and your partner to be guests at your own wedding. And that doesn’t happen without
    a professional by your side and running the day (so you don’t have to.)
What to expect from a wedding planner, cold drinks on a hot day

What You Can Expect

Step 1: When You Reach Out

We’ll have a quick chat that helps me know what’s important to you, what you hope
to experience from this journey, and what kind of help you need. Along the way, I’ll
ask you things like, “When you walk into your venue space, how do you want it to
look and feel?” And, “What do you want your guests to take away from the

You’ll have an opportunity to ask your questions too. But I encourage you to dig
deep and go beyond the questions you see listed on popular wedding sites. You
know the ones, like how long have I been in business? How many events do I work
per weekend? (For that information, check out my About page.)

So, what are some good questions? I’m glad you asked!

Some of my favorite questions include things like, “When we work together, what
will the process/journey be like?”. And, “Whose vision will we follow – yours? Or

If you decide we’re a good fit and want to take things further, I’ll create a proposal
that includes my services that complement your wants and needs.

And should you need a few more questions answered or concerns mitigated, we’ll
hop on another call to review them and the proposal in more detail.

Step 2: When You Make It Official

Keeping You Organized: If you’re a full-service couple (the only couples I do
budgeting services for), I will set up a customized Aisle Planner account that you
can access at any time.

What is Aisle Planner? Well, it’s a project management system that allows you to see
things like your guest list, our timeline and floor plan, and a checklist of when
vendor payments are due. It’s basically our planning HQ. And if you’re a
partial-service or event management couple who wants something like Aisle
Planner to keep you organized, just ask! We can make something happen!!

Planning Meetings: For each of our planning meetings, I’ll create an agenda and
recap so you know exactly what topics and items we will and did discuss. And
during our meetings, you’ll ask all of your current questions. These meetings ensure
you’re on the right path, tackling what needs to be tackled before moving on to the
next item on your checklist.

Vendor Referrals & Correspondence: One of the major components of wedding
planning is securing the right vendors. So, to help you find your perfect team, I’ll
reach out first to see if the vendors that best compliment your budget and style are
available. This way, you don’t fall in love with someone and later have your hopes
dashed. And if everything seems like a good match, I’ll bring the option to the table
for you to consider.

Contract Review: If you have any contracts you would like me to review before
signing, I’m happy to fill in any gaps. For example, I can look over what you need
versus what you didn’t know to ask for. Which, down the road, can save you a lot of
time, hassle, and regret!

Step 3: On Wedding Day

Your wedding day actually starts the day before with your ceremony rehearsal. And
even slightly before that when we’ll meet about an hour beforehand so that I can
collect all your personal items before the excitement of the weekend officially kicks
off. This way, you and I will both know where everything is. And I won’t have to ask
you day-of where your escort cards are while you’re getting ready.

Remember! This is all about you and your day. My job is to take care of everything
along the way.

You shouldn’t have to think about or expect anything except saying I do, having fun
with your guests, and kicking up your heels on the dance floor.

You get to do you on your wedding day knowing that I’m steering the ship and that
all is well.

Let’s Get Started

If The Road to Marriage sounds like a journey you’d like to take, I’d be happy to
guide you. Send me your info or email me directly, and I’ll be in touch shortly.

If you’re ready to share yourself and your love story with me, let’s chat!