Nothing compares to earning a couple’s trust and sharing their journey down the road to marriage. The first step is getting to know you. How did you initially meet? What part of your wedding day are you most excited for? How can I help you create the wedding you’ve always wanted? I want to know the real you, so we can find ways to add those unique touches to your wedding celebration. We will blow your guests away by highlighting the details of your love story.

I can’t wait to see your face light up during the sneak peek of your reception. Everything we’ve planned is finally real and better than you could’ve imagined. Your look of awe as you smell your flowers, see your cake, and hear the sound of your guests chatter along with one of your favorite songs is one of my favorite moments.

Photo by Honey Gem Creative 


Photo by Honey Gem Creative 

“Helayne – Thank you so much for everything that you did to support the CoxToneWedding! Words cannot express our gratitude for all of the hard work and care that went into the planning. Anything we can do to help you in your journey, we are more than willing. You have become a friend and someone very special to us. We owe you much more than this, but know we will sing your praises whenever we can!”

Caitlin & Steven Cox, Bride & Groom

“Helayne – Handling so much detail with grace and focus. Thank you for all you did to allow us to celebrate Haley & Matt.”

Mark Curry, Bride's Father

“Helayne – Thank you so much for everything you did for us. You are very dear & hold a very special place in our hearts. I couldn’t picture my wedding day without you. You made the wedding such a magical moment. I had absolutely no worries. Because of you, it was the best day EVER!”

Grecia & Richard Mendoza

“Have I told you how amazing you are? Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job!”

Meghan Scott, Bride

“Helayne – Thank you so much for everything that you did over the past year to make our wedding a very memorable occasion.”

Tatianna & Jason, Bride & Groom

“Begin your plans with Helayne and end with your perfect wedding.”

Cris Rios, Groom's Mother

“Helayne – How can we say thank you enough? You are truly a dream. We are so lucky to have found you and have you be part of our big day. We are forever grateful for all you do!”

Rachel & Tyler, Bride & Groom


Photo by Parish Photography 

“Thank you so much for your guidance, support, and advice this past year. Having you to bounce ideas off of and know you were only a phone call away made this whole process so much easier. You were the 2nd best part of this journey (cuz, you know, that whole “marry your BFF” thing is TOTALLY #1). Thank you!”

Margaret, Bride

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Photos by John David Weddings