My Passion

Weddings are one of a kind, emotionally charged events. Connecting with you, and setting the stage to showcase your unique vision is my passion. Seeing your joy as you share your love story with family and friends is one of my greatest pleasures. Like you, my couples are active professionals with a unique vision. You have high expectations, and a decisive personality. Creating an unforgettable experience where your guests feel like family, is just as important as the aesthetic.

My Story

I'm an early bird, Midwest girl at heart, born and raised in Illinois. I know, I'm a Yankee, but it can be our little secret. When I'm not living my dream as a Wedding Planner, I am a devoted wife, an indulgent pet parent to two rambunctious Boxers, and an avid reader in search of my next culinary adventure.

In my previous life, I was an elementary teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. As an educator, I have honed the skills necessary to provide you with a stress-free experience. My ability to remain calm under pressure, conscientious attention to detail, organization skills, leadership, and creativity are all attributes that culminate at your flawless event. I'd be thrilled to chat with you!

Fun Fact #1

Paris is my favorite city. There’s nothing better than savoring a delicious meal in a cafe as I listen to the locals speak French.

Fun Fact #2

I’m an audio book junkie. As a Wedding Planner, I spend a ton of time driving, and listening to a good book makes being stuck in traffic a treat.

Fun Fact #3

Boxer Mom is one of my most cherished titles. My Boxers Tyson & Laila are the children of my heart, and I spoil them every chance I get.

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